Find out the best time for social media


Monday! The alarm clock rings, another week is coming. What’s the first thing you do?

Personally, the first thing I do in the morning is to look at my Facebook page. Then I check my emails. When I am happy with what happened in the last eight hours, I can jump out of bed and start my day smiling.

Each of us use social media differently. Some of us are addicted, others simply curious. However, the unconscious way we use social media affects the way companies set their online strategies.

There is a lot of research revealing the best time to post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to achive the largest number of people and engagement.

If you deal with digital communication this is something you should know.

By posting at some specific hours of the day and on specific days of the week, your social media efforts are more likely to be liked or shared. Did you know that the best engagement rates on Facebook are achived on Thursdays and Fridays?

Here you have some interesting reading related to social media stats:

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These are the general guidelines, but what works best for you?

If you want to learn more about online communication, we have some tips for you.

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With this course you will learn how to:

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  • Learn how to track and evaluate what is and is not working

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